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ModelImageSensitivityWeightTemperature Range
General Purpose Triaxial IEPE Accelerometers
AT/14At04 New Web1mV/g up to 200mV/g13-16.6gm-55°C to 125°C
AT/15At151mV/g up to 200mV/g14.1gm-55°C to 125°C
AT/11At11 Web11mV/g up to 100mV/g18.9gm-50°C to 125°C
AT/13At13 Web1mV/g up to 200mV/g25.9gm-50°C to 125°C
A/136A136 Web1mV/g up to 200mV/g24.9gm-50°C to 125°C
A/131Djb A31 Web10mV/g up to 500mV/g19gm-50°C to 125°C
A/134A134 Web1mV/g up to 200mV/g19-22gm-50°C to 125°C
A/130A130 Web10mV/g up to 500mV/g40.9gm-50°C to 125°C
ModelImageSensitivityWeightTemperature Range
Miniature Triaxial IEPE Accelerometers
AT/18At18 Web1mV/g up to 10mV/g1.2gm-50°C to 200°C Max Temp
AT/10Djb At01 Web1mV/g up to 100mV/g6.9gm-50°C to 125°C


ModelImageSensitivityWeightTemperature Range
High Temperature Triaxial IEPE Accelerometers
A/133/V-3 – Flat base; A/133/V-10 Raised baseA133 Web1mV/g up to 250mV/g38gm/46gm-50°C to 900°C Max Temp WITH WATER FLOW